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Gubynskyi Mykhailo Volodimirovich photo

Gubynskyi Mykhailo Volodimirovich

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor



Phone : (+380676327919)

Room : 102

Full professor, the doctor of engineering science, 1958 of birth. In 1980 has completed the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute, in 1984 has defended the candidate dissertation " Mining and intrusion of modes of a heating of two-layer funnels in environment of high pressure gas providing an improvement in quality of diffusion welding ", in 1997 the doctor's dissertation " thermal technical of a bottom of reception of bimetallic products in compression boards ". From 2000 to 2019 - Head of the Department of Technical Engineering, chairman of the specialized scientific advice D 08.084.03.


Scientific interests:

Thermal techical compressor boards, energy savings in metallurgy and energy use of biomass.high temperature processes in an electrothermal fluidized bed.


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