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 L I B R A R Y 

   It is said that the book disappears; I think that this is impossible.

                                                                                  Jorge Luis Borges



Fahrutdinova S.N.

   The library is an educational, scientific, information and cultural-educational structural unit of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. The work of the library is aimed at creating conditions for fruitful scientific, educational and practical activities of students, teachers, administrative and scientific and technical personnel of the Academy. In its activity, the library is guided by the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On the Library and Library Affairs", regulations and documents on the library business of the governing bodies of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, "Model Provisions for a Higher Library educational institution of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine ".  General methodical guidance of the library is carried out by the Scientific and Methodic Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, regional and regional methodological councils of university libraries. 

Every year about 13 thousand readers are served, the book issue is more than 600 thousand copies Readers are served by 3 subscription cards, 1 reading room, Information and methodological department. The library's book stock is multi-branch and is about 500 thousand copies. It is manned with literature on metallurgy, machine building, chemical technology, economics, information technology, social sciences, and fiction. The readers are served subscription of educational literature (the library's new building, on the 1st floor), subscription of scientific and technical literature (room 259), subscription of fiction (room 417A), room scientific literature and periodicals (new building of the library, 2nd floor).    









In 2020, the library celebrated its 90th anniversary.



The collective of the library in the foyer of the new library building. 2020.




In 2012, a new library building was opened.

This was a significant event not only for the library and its staff,

but for the entire academy.


By a momentous event in 2012 opening of new housing of library became for a library and her workers, on the floors of that subscription of educational literature, a reading room for scientific literature and periodicals, a reference and bibliographic department and a department for cultural and educational work.


Library staff in a new building


      Subscription of educational literature   


Reading room of scientific literature and periodicals


Information and methodological department

Student reading room 


The subscription of fiction 


 For today, the library's book stock is 477886 copies. Now there are 25 people in the staff of the library. The library is an important educational, scientific-information and cultural-educational unit of the Academy.

       For success in organizing the library business and promoting the book, the library and its employees were repeatedly encouraged by letters and gratitude to the governing bodies and academy: 12 workers received letters of commendation and gratitude from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, L.N. Fedenko and L.P. Kovaleva awarded the badge "Excellent worker of education of Ukraine".


  In 2015, the 85th anniversary of the library was marked by the film "The Library of NMetAU - 85 Years" .


The collective of the library in the foyer of the cultural and educational department


Draft provisions on the repository.pdf (proekt_polozhennya_pro_repozitariy_nmetau.pdf 80 kb)