Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Scientific activities

The main trends of the scientific studies:

- theoretical bases of applied mechanic as independent field of classical mechanic;

- development of principally new designs of roller portage for the shaped profile rolling cages cold sheet and bands rolling;

- the improvement of pressing equipment for utilization of the secondary ferrous metals;

- the study, development, implementation the machines of metallurgical production of the periodic action;

- development of anticorrosive covering;

- the improvement of saw disks design;

- the study of the structure and dynamic of metallurgical machines; increasing of reliability and accuracy of the processing railway travels on special carrousel tool;

- the study of the process of the steel sheet seizure by clutching mechanism, development seizure for steel sheets, metal constructions and line of the muffs processing; the study and increasing of reliability of machines design;

- the study of the equipment and technologists of the processing the reconstruction wheel pair;

- investigation of cold pilger rolling.


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