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Distance learning

Students can receive an On-Line MISSION at the Department of Physical Education and Sports, provided that they submit to their teacher the theoretical tasks presented in the Classroom (Google Class)!
Works must be sent to YOUR teacher on E-
Mail! For the convenience of students, we once again post a link to the entrance to the Classroom from the courses and e-mail of each teacher of the department! All tests by order of the rector must be conducted on-line!
4th year students only need to complete the task for March!

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4th year
com / c / MzQ2NTI0MDIzMTg0? cjc = kyfmoab
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2nd year
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Khadzhinov Valeriy Anastasiyovych -
Chekmareva Natalia Grigorivna -
Mykola Ivanovych Dziubenko -
Savenkova Olena Volodymyrivna -
Chernyavska Olena Anatoliivna -
Matlakhov Mykhailo Valeriiovych -
Yelanska Oleksandra Oleksandrivna -
Maximov Andrey Vyacheslavovich -
Course Administrator - Chernyavska Olena Anatoliivna -




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