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Faculty of Machines Design and Environmental Protection

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Dean: Ermokratev Viktor Alekseevich


Address Gagarin av. 4, Dnipro, Ukrane


Phone: +38 (056) 746-31-91

General Characteristics:

Modern trends of training (specialties and specialization):

Faculty prepares specialists in the fields - "Engineering Mechanics", "Engineering", "Ecology".

Department of rental units and metallurgical industry produces professional and master's degree in metallurgical equipment with specialization: "Maintenance and repair of metallurgical equipment and computer calculations and design of machines." Department of Mechanical Engineering manufactures professional and master's degrees, specializing in Manufacturing Engineering. " Department of wheeled vehicles and gusechnih produces professional specialty: Wheeled and tracked vehicles. Department of Environmental Engineering and safety issues experts and masters specializing in ecology and environmental protection.

Pedagogical potential.

The faculty works 1 academician of NAS of Ukraine, 1 corresponding member of NASU, 5 professors, 44 associate professors, 22 senior lecturers, 22 assistants, 8 technicians.

Material resources:

At the Faculty there are 8 laboratories, 64 computer, the total floor area 4752 square meters of the faculty.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1931. as mechanical faculty DMetI. Former heads of department: Associate Professor Alekseev AK (1944 -1961), professor Sheremet YV (1961 - 1968), Professor Morozenko VN (1968-1993).

The faculty in 1931. included the chair: theoretical mechanics, applied mechanics, structural mechanics, engineering graphics. In 1944. established department of mechanical equipment of metallurgical plants and this year begins training of Mechanical Engineers. In 1956. the faculty was established department of technology of metals and engineering. With the transfer in 1972, the faculty of the Department of Power Engineering and Industry Department renamed electromechanical. At the same time transferred to the Faculty Department of automation of manufacturing processes, and the Faculty trains specialists in three specialties: Mechanical equipment ferrous metallurgy plants, "Automation of Metallurgical Production", "Industrial power engineering. In 1985. trained engineers promteploenergetikiv returned metallurgy department. Since 1993. Department of Manufacturing Engineering (formerly the technology of metals and machinery) will start training at the Faculty of specialists in mechanical engineering technology. And at this time faculty received its present name - Mechanics and Engineering. And since 1995. trains ecologists (Department of Environmental Engineering and Safety), as well as a specialist in "Electromechanical automation systems and electric" (department of electrical engineering, electrical and industrial electronics). In 2000. the faculty begin training specialists specializing in wheeled and tracked vehicles. In connection with the reorganization of the structure of the Academy in 2004. The faculty includes four specialized departments: machinery and components of metallurgical production, technology, machinery, wheeled / tracked vehicles, environmental engineering and safety, as well as - general education: theoretical mechanics, applied mechanics, structural mechanics, geometry and engineering graphics.

The faculty of more than 60 years of operating the educational research schools:

"Improving the reliability and durability of metallurgical equipment" (Department of IMTA, the founding professor Grebenik VM, Gordienko, AV, hoe VK);

"Integrated Technology in Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering, the founding professor Morozenko VN, Provolotsky AE);

"Mechanics of deformed solid body" (Department of structural mechanics, the founding professor Dinnik AN, Pavlenko G.L, Kolesnik IA);

"Reliability and durability of parts and components of mechanical and materials handling equipment" (Department of Applied Mechanics, founding member of the Academy of Sciences of USSR Kozhevnikov, SN, Professor Chukmasov SF, Tsehnovich LI).

For all the years of existence the department has trained more than 7000 specialists, more than 800 of them graduated with honors.

Famous graduates of departments of the faculty:

Bolshakov VI - Dr. Professor, Academician of NASU, Director of ICHM. ZI Nekrasov, Ukrainian State Prize laureate; Tsapkov VK - Professor, State Prize laureate of Ukraine, holidays, AV - Professor, State Prize Laureate; Morozenko EV -Director General of JSC "Aggregate Plant; Provolotsky AE - Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Director of the Institute Spetstekhnologia, Vulyh AY - PhD, Director General of JSC "Kominmet, laureate of State Prize of Ukraine, Kurt Zinguber - former Minister of Steel GDR.

Student Life:

The faculty introduced student government. Youth Council deals with student welfare and recreation. Student council hostel cares about dignity of life nonresident students.

Students and faculty are actively involved in sport. There is a master of sports as well as the champions and winners of competitions in many sports. Many students involved in amateur performances.

Address: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, NMetAU, pr, Gagarina 4, Dnepropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine.



Department of Ecology, Heat Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health

Department of Intellectual Property and Project Management

Department of Technology of Machine Building

Department of industrial mechanical engineering