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Director: Chistyakov Vladimir Grigorievich


Address Dnepropetrovsk, pr. Gagarina 4


Phone: (056)-746-05-25 , 063-402-34-66 (304 каб.), 098-431-35-04 (301каб) пн-пт с 10 до 14-30

Extra-mural Faculty was founded in 1956. Today the Faculty trains students in 27 specialties.


1 History

The Extra-Mural Faculty has been functioning at National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine for about 50 years. The Extra-Mural Faculty was founded in order to train engineers for heavy industry of the country and also for young workers to obtain higher education in term of in-service training. Today remote and distance learning predominate for the youth, because they want to combine education and work.

The Faculty has trained 7500 qualified specialists for the work at factories, at design, research and finance organizations both in public and private sector of the economy.

At the present time the Faculty trains also students from countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, particularly for Moldova.



2.1 FIELD: Company Economics (6.030504)

Specialty: Company Economics

2.2 FIELD: Finance and Credit (6.030508)

Specialty: Finance

2.3 FIELD: Record Keeping and Auditing (6.030509)

Specialty: Record Keeping and Auditing

2.4 FIELD: Economic Cybernetics (6.030502)

Specialties: Economics Cybernetics

2.5 FIELD: Business Management (6.030601)

Specialties: Business Management

2.6 FIELD: Mechanical Engineering (6.050502)

Specialties: Engineering technology

2.7 FIELD: Machine engineering (6.050503)

Specialties: Metallurgical Equipment

2.8 FIELD: Metallurgy (6.050401)


1. Ferrous Metallurgy

2. Nonferrous Metallurgy

3. Metal Forming

4. Heat Treatment

2.9 FIELD: Foundry Engineering (6.050402)

Specialties: Ferrous Metal Foundry Engineering

2.10 FIELD: Thermal Engineering (6.050601)

Specialty: Thermal Engineering

2.11 FIELD: Chemical Engineering (6.051301)


1. Chemical Engineering of Refractory Nonmetallic and Silicate Materials

2. Chemical Engineering of Fuels and Carbon Materials

2.12 FIELD: Computer-Aided Engineering (6.050202)

Specialty: Computer-Aided Control of Production Process

2.13 FIELD: Professional Education (6.010104)

Specialties: Metallurgy in Machine and Instrument Engineering

2.14 FIELD: Documentation Management and Information Communication (6.020105)

Specialty: Documentation Management and Information Communication

2.15 FIELD: Material Engineering (6.050403)

Specialty: Metal Science

2.16 FIELD: Specific Categories (1801)

Specialty: Intellectual Property

2.17 FIELD: Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Natural Resources Use (6.040106)

Specialty: Ecology and Environment Protection

2.18 FIELD: Computer Science (6.050101)

Specialty: Information Control Systems and Techniques

2.19 FIELD: Electromechanics (6.050702)

Specialty: Electromechanics Systems of Automatization and Electric Drive

2.20 FIELD: Metrology, Standardization and Certification (6.051002)

Specialty: Metrology. Measuring Equipment and Information-measuring techniques.



The Extra-Mural Faculty, NMetAU, prospect Gagarina, 4, Dnipropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine, room 303.304.306

Tel.: (+380562) 46-05-25 – Dean, E-mail:

(+380562) 374 – 82 -31 – Deputy Dean, E-mail:

(+380562) 374 – 82 – 30 – Faculty Supervisor