Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Tuition Fees


Language training program
(duration 5 months)

600 USD

The admission preparation program to higher

education institutions

(duration 10 months)

900 USD

Bachelor Degree

(duration 4 years)

1700 USD per year

Master Degree

(duration 1,5-2 years)

1800 USD per year

PhD Degree

(duration 4 years)

2500 USD per year

Cost of living 

The text below try to give an estimate of the cost of living and studying in Ukraine, although subsistence costs can vary substantially according to the personal life style of students. Accommodation prices are about $50 for one student with shared kitchen and bathroom. Students who wish to come to NMetAU on a student exchange are requested to inform the international office well in advance. They will inform the accommodation office, who will then organize a student room for the incoming students. Course and study materials differ in price depending on the field of study. NMetAU has a cafeteria which offers drinks and cold or warm meals at democratic prices (about $3).



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