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Rules of using the library of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine


1. General Provisions.


1.1. The rules for using the library of the Academy are developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Libraries and Libraries", approved by the Resolution of the Supreme Council of January 27, 1995, "Model Regulations on the Library of a Higher Educational Institution of III-IV Levels of Accreditation", approved by order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine No. 641 from 06.08.04 and "Regulations on the library of NMetAU", approved by the rector of the academy.

1.2. The library of the Academy is an educational, scientific, informational and cultural and educational structural unit of an educational institution and provides educational, scientific and educational processes of the university with printed works and other information materials.

1.3. The funds of the Academy's library are an integral part of the national reference and information system and are under state protection.


2. The rights and obligations of readers.

Conditions of registration in the library and the procedure for using the library fund.


2.1. The right to use the library belongs to students, graduate students, faculty and employees of the structural divisions of the Academy.

Users of other higher educational institutions, representatives of various enterprises, organizations and institutions are served only in reading rooms.

2.2. Readers have the right to receive for temporary use scientific, educational, artistic, reference, methodological literature on subscriptions, in reading rooms and other divisions of the library; use all types of reference and bibliographic services, other services provided by the library; take part in reading conferences, literary and musical evenings, debates and other events held by the library.

2.3. To enroll in the library, you must present a student (postgraduate) card or service certificate valid in the current year. Part-time students are required to submit a letter of guarantee from their place of work, and users of other educational institutions - a library card or ID (this category of readers is served only in reading rooms).

2.4. On the basis of the submitted documents, the reader is issued a library card or a reader's form is filled out.

2.5. It is prohibited to transfer the library card to other persons.

2.6. The loss of a library card does not relieve responsibility for all literature taken under it.

2.7. In case of loss of a library card, the reader receives a duplicate (paying its cost) within a month after the statement of the loss.

2.8. Before registering in the library, the reader should familiarize himself with the rules for using the library and confirm his commitment to their indispensable fulfillment by signing on the library card or in the reader's form.

2.9. Educational literature is issued on a subscription for a semester or for an academic year in an amount corresponding to the curriculum and programs.

2.10. Scientific literature is issued to the teaching staff and scientific workers in the amount of 10-15 copies for a period of 1 month, students - up to 10 copies, other categories of readers - up to 5 copies for the same period.

2.11. Fiction and periodicals of the current year are issued in an amount of no more than 3 copies for a period of 15 days.

2.12. Rare and valuable publications, encyclopedias, other reference publications, as well as single copies, books of high demand, publications on electronic media are issued only in reading rooms.

2.13. Unpublished materials (dissertations, research reports, etc.), restricted literature are issued in accordance with the established procedure.

2.14. The librarian has the right to extend the period of use of the literature at the request of the reader, if there is no demand for it from other readers.

2.15. To receive literature, the reader presents a library card, fills in the reader's request or submits an oral request, signs the reader's request, book form or reader's form for each copy received.

Note: the reader's, book forms and the reader's requirement certify the fact and date of issue of the literature to the reader. The return of literature is certified by the signature of the librarian in the reader's form.

2.16. Readers are obliged:

  • to treat books and other printed works received from the library funds with care, to return them on time;

  • not to take out of the library premises literature from the library fund, if it is not recorded in one of the accounting documents;

  • not to make any notes on it;

  • not to tear out or fold the pages;

  • do not remove cards from catalogs and file cabinets.

2.17. Upon receipt of the literature, the reader should carefully review it and, if he finds any defects, inform the librarian about this, who is obliged to make the appropriate service marks on the publication.

2.18. The responsibility for the spoiled literature rests with the reader who last used it.

2.19. Readers who have caused damage to the library fund bear material, administrative or criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

2.20. Readers who have lost books from the library fund, or caused irreparable harm to them, should replace them, respectively, with the same or equivalent ones recognized by the library. If replacement is not possible, the reader should make a photocopy of this publication. Monetary compensation is established at market prices in effect on the day of settlement.

In case of loss of publications that are especially valuable for the library, if the nominal value of the lost (damaged) literature is much lower than the actual value, the method of calculation and its multiplicity is determined by the library separately for each edition, depending on its value, or at prices that are determined by price list catalogs for purchase and sale second-hand, antique, other editions and the terms of application of these prices.

2.21. The cost of damaged or lost books and other materials is determined at the prices indicated in the library's accounting documents, taking into account the subsequent indexation of the value of their collections.

2.22. Replacement of literature lost or damaged by readers is recorded in a special notebook and confirmed by the signatures of the reader and the librarian who accepts the replacement.

2.23. During the summer holidays, students must return books and other materials received to the library.

2.24. At the beginning of each calendar year from January 1 to January 31, the reader must re-register on a subscription for educational literature (students), on a subscription for scientific and technical literature (graduate students, faculty and employees of the structural divisions of the academy). When re-registering, readers must submit for registration all the literature they received in the library.

2.25. Readers who graduated from the academy must fully settle with the library before receiving their diploma and sign a bypass sheet at all points of issue of literature.

2.26. Readers should maintain silence in reading rooms and other areas of the library.

2.27. For violation of the rules for using the library, the reader may be deprived of the right to use all points of lending literature for a period determined by the library administration.


        The model rules are drawn up in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine No. 321 dated 31.08.98 “On the approval of the standard rules for using the library of a higher educational institution - the Ministry of Education of Ukraine”.