Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Graduating students

  For more than 10 years, NMetAU has trained top-level specialists in intellectual property and project management, whose demand is growing rapidly.

  In modern conditions of international economic integration, intellectual property rights, such as: inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, know-how, computer programs, works of literature and art, etc., provide competitive earnings and enterprise . The main source of success is a set of knowledge held by the company or organization, the so-called intellectual capital, the main component of which is intellectual property. Therefore, the knowledge gained through the educational-professional program "Intellectual Property" is becoming increasingly relevant. Today, each creator, the author of IP objects must be able to protect the results of their creative activity and know the mechanism of their commercialization as a special type of product (service).

  Graduates of "Intellectual Property" prepared for all sectors which are companies and organizations. They can take the primary position of expert on intellectual property, management, marketing managers and other positions related to the development of intellectual property.

  Project management is a highly demanded scope of activity in today’s world and is applied in all branches of management. Investment projects in joint foreign companies and innovative projects with the use of the latest information technologies are widespread nowadays.

   The practice of using project management system proves its effectiveness and creates a real need for a big number of new profile and highly qualified specialists such as project managers who possess the following skills:

   - project office organization;

   - project team management;

   - planning, organization, motivation, control and regulation in the project;

   - evaluation of the effectiveness of projects;

  - management of quality, resources, risks in the project, etc.


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