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Congratulations to the graduates of the master's degree in 2024! News icon

January 23-25, 2024 at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T.G. Benya Master's thesis defenses were held in specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, trade and entrepreneurial activity".

Congratulations on the successful defense of students of groups EP01-18m and EP901-22m! We wish you professional realization and a successful career! We hope that the knowledge and competences acquired with us will be useful to you!


Congratulations on International Student Day!

We wish you an interesting and productive study, new acquaintances, bright events and professional development!


Happy Knowledge day!

The team of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T. G. Benya congratulates all participants of the educational process on the beginning of the academic year! We wish you success and inspiration in acquiring new useful knowledge, we believe in your high results!


Congratulations to our bachelor graduates!

In the last week of June, the department held the defense of qualification papers for obtaining bachelor's qualifications in entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity! All students successfully defended their works, demonstrated professional knowledge to the examination board.


Students of EP-01-19 group Dmytro Levenets and Kateryna Rohovska brilliantly defended their works and will receive diplomas with honors. We are proud of your achievements!

Congratulations to our bachelors! We wish professional implementation, great achievements and confidence in the future!


Scientific and Practical Conference "Young Academy-2023"

May 25 at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T.G. The traditional scientific and practical conference "Young Academy" took place in Benya. 
The topics of the reports, as always, were topical and versatile. Education seekers demonstrated a high level of methodical and communicative training. The conference was held in two nominations: 1) Masters; 2) Bachelors. We sincerely congratulate the winners: Masters:
1st place - M.V. Alekseenko "Effectiveness of the logistics activity of a trading company" (leader - Assoc. T.V. Semenova)

2nd place - A.O. Zhurenkova "Anti-crisis management in wartime" (supervisor - Prof. Dovbnya S.B.)

3rd place - Tchaikovsky O. Yu. "Communications management processes during project implementation" (leader - Associate Professor T.V. Gulyk)


1st place - K. L. Rohovska "Essence and functions of financial improvement of the enterprise" (supervisor - Prof. Dovbnya S.B.)

2nd place - Levenets D.O. "Results of activity and development prospects of PJSC "Interpipe NTZ" (head - Associate Professor T.B. Ignashkina)

3rd place - Andrienko Ya.A. "Components of an enterprise's investment attractiveness" (leader - senior lecturer A.O. Naidovska)


Results of the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference from March 30, 2023

March 30, 2023 at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship
 named after T. G. Benya of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Internet Conference was held
(with international participation) on the topic
"Economic revival of Ukraine: problems, challenges, prospects".
95 participants took part in the conference.
The geography of the participants was represented by Berlin (Germany), Bielsko-Bialy (Poland), Dnipro, Kyiv, Lozova, Lviv, Mariupol, Odessa, Uman, Kharkiv, Cherkasy.
 Top 3 participating cities by number of reports:
1. Dnipro - 23 reports;
2. Kharkiv – 16 reports;
3. Odesa - 11 reports.
Link to the collection of materials of the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Internet Conference (with international participation) from March 30, 2023:


We invite you to the Open Day of the Faculty of Economics and Management

On March 4, 2023, in the hall of mirrors of UDUNT at the address of the city of Dnipro, str. Akademika Lazaryan, 2
the Open Day of the Faculty of Economics and Management will be held,
we invite applicants and their parents to familiarize themselves with our faculty and specialties,
which are used to train bachelors and masters.
Tel. for information: 050 575 98 80


Congratulations to our masters! News icon

On January 25, the defense of master's thesis was held at the department. Congratulations to our graduates, now masters of entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity.

Thank you for the high-quality preparation of works, interesting presentations and thorough answers to the questions of the examination committee! We wish you success, new professional heights!

We hope that the knowledge gained during your studies at the university will be useful to you!


Festive meeting with applicants! News icon

On December 19, USUST held a festive meeting with applicants from various educational institutions of the city and region with the aim of presenting the faculties, specialties, and educational programs of the university.

The organizers of the meeting managed to create an interesting and at the same time useful event: on the one hand, applicants had the opportunity to communicate with students and teachers of university departments, familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of studying in specialties, learn about their prospects and clarify the information they need; on the other hand, a real holiday was created for all the participants of the event with a show program, prize draw and guests.

Our department presented the specialty 076 - Entrepreneurship, trade and stock market activity. Teachers and students of the specialty talked with colleagues and guests of the event with pleasure!


Happy International Students Day!

We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday! We wish you inspiration in learning, creative and professional realization! Have an interesting student life!


Happy Knowledge day!


Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T. G. Benya congratulates students and teachers
 on the beginning of the new academic year!!!

Let this academic year bring new victories to the conquered educational and scientific peaks, allow you to achieve the set goals, enrich your treasury of knowledge and skills!!!! 
Good luck, inspiration and patience!!!


We congratulate Kateryna Rohovska, a student of the EP01-19 group, on her victory! News icon


Congratulations on your sporting achievements! 

Double victory!  Keep it up!



Congratulations to our graduates - bachelors of the specialty 076 - "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity" with the successful defense of qualifying works!

Another victory in your piggy bank! We wish you success, professional and personal self-realization!

And also we invite you to study in the magistracy! 

As they say "there is no limit to perfection", we have something to share with you!


Congratulations to masters! News icon

Congratulations to the full-time and part-time masters with the successful defense of their final theses in the specialty 076 - entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity!


New copyright certificates have been obtained News icon

The lecturers of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T.G.Ben`have obtained copyright registration certificates for the textbook "Analysis of economic activity" of Part 1,2,3 (compilers Svitlana Dovbnya, Tetyana Gulyk, Alla Kerbikova, Elizaveta Drofa) and the textbook "Sustainable development in industry" (compilers Olexandra Pysmenna, Olga Goncharuk, Oksana Malyuk, Alla Kerbikova). Congratulations to the authors!


Achievements in the Academy rating for 2019/2020 News icon

According to the results of the Academy rating of faculties, departments and teachers for 2019/2020 the Faculty of Economics and Management took the first place among the faculties, and our department took the third place among the graduating departments of the academy!

Congratulations to colleagues with new achievements, which are the result of professional and conscientious work!

Keep it up!