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Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T. G. Ben`

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Department manager: Svetlana Borisovna Dovbnya


Address Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T. G. Ben` department, IPBT, av. Gagarin, 4, Dnipro, 49600, Ukraine,


Phone: +38056 374-83-73, +38056 374-81-21


Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T. G. Ben` department of the National metallurgical academy of Ukraine is one of leading educational, methodical and research centers of Ukraine.

The basic tasks of department are:

- to prepare students of economic specialities;

- to prepare students of technical specialities at the NMetAU in economics;

- to retrain specialists;

- to implement educational and methodical work;

- to conduct scientific researches;

- to organize and hold scientific and practical conferences, seminars, trainings;

- to train the scientific and pedagogical personnel

The pedagogical stuff of the department on the extent of many years decides the task of preparation of economists, financiers and managers of the highest level. Not at all is accidental circumstance that among our graduating students the leaders of regional organs of power, higher managers of industrial enterprises, state participating and commercial banks, insurance, investment and trading companies, tax organs.

For all period of the existence the department prepared more than 3000 highly skilled specialists, including about 100 doctors and candidates of economic sciences, developed the great number of textbooks and train aids, let out hundred printing labours.

Preparation of students is carried out on the two-stage and three-stage system. The graduating students of the department get qualification of economists and managers of wide type with fundamental theoretical knowledge and serious practical skills.

On all of disciplines are present packages of educational-methodical materials (executable codes, methodical instructions, laboratory works, tests etc.). In addition, the department is stable base for the students of other economic specialties, future financiers, managers, public accountants, cybernetic engineers. The students of the technical specialties of NmetAU also get fundamental economic knowledge by efforts of lecturers of the industrial economics department. On the department functions a master's degree section, where pass teaching the graduating students not only from economy and management faculty of NmetAU but also from other higher educational establishments of Ukraine. On the indicated specialties a department also carries out retraining of specialists on the special faculty of NmetAU.

The department attaches a great significance to strengthening connections of teaching a disciplines with working practice of industrial, financial and tax establishments. Constantly perfected curricula, themes of the course research and diploma papers, new disciplines are entered in an educational process. The department takes part in the programs of exchange by teachers and students with the universities of North America.