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Ukrainian scientific and technical conference «Mechanics of machines - main component of Applied Mechanics»


Dedicated to the 110th anniversary of birth of Sergey Nikolaevich Kozhevnikov

Corresponding Member of AS of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences, professor,

April 11-13, 2017 NMetAU 

The purpose of the conference

It will be examined the current state of problems of mechanics of machines. It will be determined the trends of development of methods of calculation and design of machines and mechanical systems.

It will be discussed new theoretical and applied research results in the modern engineering.

Topics of the conference

1. General questions of the direction of development of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics.

2. Theory of mechanisms and machines and elastic dynamics of machines.

3. Reliability problems of strength of machine elements, components and energy saving.

4. Modern technical and technological tools of mechanical engineering.

5. CAD and mathematical modeling of processes, machines and units.

 More detailed information «Mecnanics of machines – main component of the Applied Mechanics».


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