Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Graduating students of department

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  Dovgiy D.

  ST-01 / 2007

 The chief of bureau of standardization of machine-building enterprise  joint-stock COMPANY «Elista-forging and casting» 

  Ovcharenko E.

  ST-01 / 2007

 СSpecialist of department of SE "Dneprostandartmetrologiya"

  Mihlik R.

  ST-01 / 2007

 Leading engineer on the certification of SE «VNDTI-TEST»

  Ishenko A.

  ST-01 / 2007

 Engineer on the certification of SE «VNDTI-TEST»

  Levchenko M.

  ST-01 / 2007

 Specialist in quality, standardizations and certifications of enterprises  on the production of fire-prevention equipment

  Slepcova U.

  ST-02 / 2008

 Manager in quality of LTD. of DOP of "Energyautomat"

  Starina E.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Engineer in quality, LTD. of PKPP MDS; engineer on  standardization, SE "Dneprostandartmetrologiya"

  Fomenko V.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Engineer on the certification of SE «VNDTI-TEST»

  Danileychenko M.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Inspector of proof-of-concept center of the systems of quality, SGS  Ukraine

  Kusaev K.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Inspector of quality of commodities and services of management on  defence of rights for users

  Malinovskaya L.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Specialist on standardization and management projects by LTD.  «Agrosoyuz»

  Spilnichenko S.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Engineer on the standartization SE "Dneprostandartmetrologiya"

  Priluckaya V.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Engineer on standardization, public accountant of control system by  quality SE "Dneprostandartmetrologiya"

  Shevchenko E.

  ST-03 / 2008

 Specialist in quality TUV Nord Sert

  Jadan A.

  ST-04 / 2009

 Specialist on the certification of the Dnepropetrovsk Commercial and  industrial chamber

  Reznic V.

  ST-04 / 2009

 A specialist of department of technical control of OC «Dnepropetrovsk  pointer factory»

  Konoval A.

  ST-04 / 2009

 Specialist from standardization of research department of  standardization of DO «Yuzhnoye»


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