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Metallurgical Faculty

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Dean: Kamkina Lyudmila Vladimirovna


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The Metallurgical Faculty was founded in 1899 as a factory department of the Ektaroslavoslav Higher Mining College, and then it was transformed into the Metallurgical Faculty of the Mining Institute. In 1930 the faculty was included in the metallurgical institute. Deans of the faculty were professors PG Rubin, AN Pokhvisnev, ST Rostostsev, ID Semikin, associate professor VS Gudynovich, Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences AG Velichko, Professor Ivashchenko V. П, Шатоха В.И. Currently, the faculty is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. L.V. Kamkina. The structural subdivisions of the faculty are: the Department of Metallurgy of Cast Iron (Head of the Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences Tarakanov Arkady Konstantinovich), the Department of Steel Metallurgy (Head of the Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences Boichenko Boris Mikhailovich), Department of the Theory of Metallurgical Processes and Chemistry Head of the phD.,  Mishalkin Anatolij), Department of Metallurgical Fuels and Refractories (Head of the Prof., Dr. Anatoly G. Starovoit).

At the departments there is educational, methodical, scientific and educational work with one or several related specialties, specializations. All activities are carried out according to certain educational programs:

136 Metallurgy by specialization

Metallurgy of cast iron,

Metallurgy of steel,

Physical and chemical research of metallurgical processes;

161 Chemical technology and engineering by specialization

Chemical technologies of processing of solid fossil fuels,

Chemical technologies of refractories, ceramic and heat-insulating materials,

Oil and gas processing.
The teaching and educational process and the scientific activity of the faculty are provided by a team of highly qualified teachers, including: 10 professors, doctors of sciences, 23 associate professors and candidates of sciences. The faculty has a master's degree, post-graduate studies, doctoral studies. At the moment, the faculty trains about 400 students in two specialties and six specializations. The annual admission of students for the first year is about 60 people.
Traditionally, the faculty trains specialists for foreign countries. In different periods of time students from China, India, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia and Germany studied at the faculty. Creative, pedagogical and scientific ties with the universities of Germany, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia and China are being strengthened. This exchange of lecturers and students, joint research, scientific and technical conferences and much more.
The history of the formation and further development of the metallurgical faculty is closely connected with the names of outstanding metallurgical scientists MA Pavlova, L. M. Fortunato, A.M. Dinnik, N.N. Dobrokhotova, S.T. Rostovtseva, V.A. Kamensky, V.I. Lapitsky, M.F. Ісаенка, А.Д. Gottlieb, V.M. Makovsky, K.E. Roerich, V.I. Baptismansky, Yu.M. Yakovleva, etc.

Since 2002 the faculty is headed by the professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Kamkina Lyudmila Vladimirovna;

Deputy Dean for Research, Associate Professor Grishin Alexander Mikhailovich;

Associate Dean for educational work, associate professor Isayeva Lyudmila Evgenievna.
Faculty of segeltnya is first of all highly qualified personnel, equipped with auditoriums, training and research laboratories, use of simulators and computers in the training process, which increases the professional training of future specialists in the field of metallurgy and chemical technologies.



Department of Theoretical Basis of Metallurgical Processes

Department of metallurgical fuel and refractory

Department of Translation and Foreign Languages

Department of Iron and Steel Metallurgy