Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

International Student Admissions

a) registration form for international students (will be filled in academy);

b) the original documents of previous education (an official document issued by your school/college/university which courses list, hours, received grades and an explanation of the grading system). Documents must be translated into  Ukrainian with notarial certification. Both the original documents and the translated version of documents are needed. The documents mentioned in items "b" must be certified according to the legislation rules of the country of their issue and legalized in the standard order;

c) medical certificate (can be obtained in your country of residence, please find the advised form of the certificate attached. Certificate has to have the doctor’s stamp, has to be issued within 2 months before your arrival and should to be translated into Ukrainian before your arrival to Ukraine.

d) insurance for emergency medical cases. The duration of the insurance policy must be at least the full period of study;

e) 10 photos 30x40; 6 photos 35x45.

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