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"Grigor Tyutyunnik - the courage of kindness"


On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birthof the Ukrainian writer Grigor Tyutyunnik



Grigor Tyutyunnik


(05.12.1931 – 06.03.1980)


He was so kind that he was ashamed of his kindness

and tried to at least look stern outwardly.

V. Melnik


In the 60s of the twentieth century, along with famous writers such as O. Gonchar,I. Senchenko, new names sounded: E. Gutsalo, V. Drozd, whose works were either praised or subjected to sharp criticism. But when the first stories of Grigor Tyutyunnik appeared in periodicals, it became clear that a person who was able to speak his word came to literature.


1. Tyutyunnik G.M. A Fire Far in the Steppe: stories and novellas/ author. translation from ukr. N. Dangulova. - M .: "Young Guard", 1982. - 350 p.

The book includes stories written by G. Tyutyunnik in recent years, and his best works. Most of them are dedicated to village workers. The stories "Klimko", "A Fire Far in the Steppe" tell about the difficult military and post-war childhood of Ukrainian children and adolescents.


2. Tyutyunnik G. Cold mint: a story; Stories / author. translation from ukr. N. Dangulova. - M .: "Izvestia", 1981. - 383 p.

The collection "Cold Mint", in addition to stories, includes the story "Environment" - an autobiographical work by Grigor Tyutyunnik. Entire fragments of the story echo the documentary memoirs about the author of "Roots", also included in this book.


Grigor Tyutyunnik

«A Fire Far in the Steppe» 





Grigor Tyutyunnik

«Cold mint»


The writer's works are imbued with love and kindness to people. From the first phrases, the reader is introduced to living life, living characters and the fates of literary characters.


To get acquainted with the work of the writer G. Tyutyunnik, his stories and short stories,

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