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International Women's Day!


Happy international women’s day!!!

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 Lovely women!

We congratulate you on International Women's Day! 


Happy women’s day!

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Let spring bloom not only on the street, but also in the soul, and beauty pleases everyone around. Happiness, well-being and harmony to you. We wish that all your days were sunny, bright and memorable, that your house was always cozy and warm.

It is the greatest Women’s day!
And we are happy that today
We can this holiday enjoy!
We wish all ladies love and joy!

May the gentle spring sun warm you all with its gentle rays today. Beautiful and fragrant flowers will enchant you with their magical aroma. Warm smiles and loving eyes of all relatives and friends make the heart happy. And let happiness, luck and love follow close by.

There is the flowers` smell, you see,
Women’s Day has come!
And every lady can be free
And make some fairy charm.


Will we celebrate March 8 in Ukraine in 2024?

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In Ukraine, in 2024, there is controversy surrounding International Women's Day on March 8 - whether to cancel it or keep it. How March 8 appeared - the history and evolution of the holiday, why they want to replace it with something else and when we will celebrate Women's Day in 2024. For several years now, Ukraine has been discussing refusing to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8. The main argument is that it is a Soviet holiday. But it is not quite so. Who and when invented this day, how it changed during history and whether there will be a holiday on March 8 in Ukraine in 2024 - we will tell further in the material.


History of March 8 (official version)

International Women's Day has several versions. In short, the chronology of the appearance of the holiday looks like this:

1.   March 8, 1857, New York - textile factory workers held an action and demanded the same pay as men, a 10-hour workday (instead of 16) and the right to vote.

2.   1908 - the initiative was taken up by the Socialist Party of the USA. This holiday has been celebrated there since 1909.


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 Марш жінок у Нью-Йорку, 1909 рік.


3.   March 8, 1910, Copenhagen - a women's forum was held, where, on the initiative of Klara Zetkin (she represented the Social Democrats of Germany), this day, March 8, was made an international holiday. On this date, women were going to go on demonstrations to draw society's attention to women's issues.

4.   March 19, 1911 - International Women's Day was celebrated in several countries (Germany, Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Switzerland).

5.  1917, Petrograd - a women's demonstration took place. The action became known as the February Revolution, its date according to the old style is February 23 (according to the new it is March 8).

6.   The beginning of the 1920s - the holiday was approved in the USSR.

7.   1977 - the UN granted March 8 the status of an international day, it was called the International Day of Struggle for Women's Rights and International Peace.


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March 8 - International Women's Day

History of March 8 (unofficial version)

The March 8 holiday also has an unofficial version. Allegedly, in 1857 in New York, it was not the workers of textile factories who protested, but representatives of the oldest profession in the world - prostitutes. Their demands were slightly different: to pay the sailors a salary, so that they could pay off the "priestesses of love".

In 1894, on March 8, a demonstration of prostitutes took place in Paris - women demanded the same rights as seamstresses or bakers, and the creation of their trade unions. In 1895 in Chicago and in 1896 in New York, similar actions took place, and in 1910, it is alleged that Clara Zetkin herself with Rosa Luxemburg, her friend, took a prostitute to the streets of Germany - they demanded an end to the arbitrariness of the police.

The unofficial version of the holiday was kept quiet in the USSR - the country needed labor strikers who know how to drive a tractor and harden steel, so Women's Day in the USSR had a political color for a long time, and the very image of a Soviet woman was primarily a "worker, mother and communist". But in the 1970s, in Soviet schools, boys began to congratulate girls on this day, and after the collapse of the Union, the holiday became romantic and turned into "the day of spring, beauty and femininity."


Where was March 8 moved in Ukraine?

The discussion about which holiday on March 8 should be celebrated in Ukraine and whether it is necessary at all has been going on for several years. Many Ukrainians believe that it is time to cancel Soviet holidays, including International Women's Day. On February 14, 2023, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law - it proposes to abandon March 8, and instead celebrate and make Ukrainian Women's Day a holiday on February 25 (Lesia Ukrainka's birthday). A survey on this issue was even conducted in the "Action" application: they asked whether March 8 should be left as an official holiday or made a working day.


Happy International Women's Rights Day!

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Women of Ukraine vote for equality and rights.

Since the end of the 2000s, Women's Marches have been held in Ukraine almost every year on March 8. Each time they choose a relevant topic. Gradually they become massive. It was important to draw attention to the topic of violence. And this problem is still acute, like many others. If the problem is not voiced, it will not be solved. After the victory of Ukraine, it is worth continuing the tradition of public actions in defense of women's rights.


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Women with placards vote for equality and rights. Donetsk, Ukraine.

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Marches for women's rights in Kyiv, 2020, 2021, Ukraine.
When is Women's Day celebrated in Ukraine in 2024

 Although many perceive March 8 as a communist relic, it remains an official state holiday. In 2024, International Women's Day will be celebrated on March 8. But it falls on Friday. In peacetime, March 8 would be a day off in this case, and due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine is under martial law. Therefore, International Women's Day will become a regular working Friday and there will be no additional day off for the holiday. In Ukraine, every employer can decide on the schedule of working days and weekends. Therefore, private companies can make March 8 a day off for their employees.


Congratulations on the holiday of spring, beauty and love! 
March 8!

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A famous classic said: "A woman is an invitation to happiness." The fair sex embodies the tenderness of spring, the fragrance of flowers, the light breath of the breeze, the bright glow of the stars - everything that makes the world beautiful and happy.


Lovely women!

So may you be surrounded by attention and care today and always.

Be happy, loved and irreplaceable.

May all the flowers and riches of the world be at your feet.

We wish you all good health, peace, clear skies.


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Let the springtime brings you smiles and sunny mood! Have a happy Women’s Day!


On this day of gentle spring
All the flowers – for you!
Never feel upset and sad,
Let your eyes sun shining get!


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