Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Information for entrants

Direction: Metallurgy

Faculty: Metallurgical processes and chemical technologies

Department: Theoretical foundations of metallurgical processes

Specialty: 136 Metallurgy (ME03)


Studying with us you will get:

- high-quality, free higher education at an advanced university of Ukraine;

- the possibility of obtaining a second higher education in the field of economics, management;

- the possibility of internship in the largest foreign universities;

- decent, high-paying work at enterprises in Ukraine and abroad;

- the opportunity to comfortably acquire knowledge and productively organize your leisure time on the basis of the academy.

The Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology is one of the largest universities not only in Dnipropetrovsk region, but also in Ukraine and Europe.

Your future specialty is the compass of ferrous metallurgy, which determine the main directions of prospective development and improvement of processes based on resource conservation, energy efficiency improvement, and environmental improvement of industrially developed regions of Ukraine.

Our graduates get jobs at metallurgical plants, which form the basis of Dnipropetrovsk industry, in research institutes, small and medium-sized firms of technical direction. Training takes place at the metallurgical faculty, which is fundamental in the academy, on the basis of the "Theories of metallurgical processes and general chemistry" department.

It is nice to add that most of our graduates are offered a job even before they finish their studies and receive a diploma.

Studying in this specialty, students have the opportunity to undergo internships abroad in the largest higher educational institutions in Germany, England, Poland, the USA, Japan and receive a double diploma of higher education, as well as study further in the postgraduate programs of our and the above-mentioned universities.

Students have the opportunity to work in research laboratories equipped with modern equipment, use the latest library, Wi-Fi, computer center with software products for modeling and research of physico-chemical processes. At your service are modern bright and spacious classrooms that provide a comfortable opportunity for acquiring knowledge. The sports complex, preventive medicine, KVK, many courses and sections will not let you get bored during extracurricular hours.

During the training process, each of you can additionally receive a second higher education diploma in the following specialties: "Enterprise Economics", "Finance", "Accounting and Audit", "Economic Cybernetics", "Management", "Philology (Translation)", "Metrology , standardization and certification".

Come directly to our department today, and we will tell you how to prepare yourself for a guaranteed admission to us for a budget place, correctly collect and issue the documents necessary for enrollment in the 1st or 3rd year of our academy, we will give you the opportunity to get the necessary and highly paid profession


Phone: 056-3748210; 0562-474442

Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology

The training of specialists at the TOMP department is carried out in full-time and part-time forms of education on a budgetary and contractual basis and ensures obtaining the final qualification level:

- bachelor's degree in the educational program "Technology and equipment for the production of metals and alloys";

- master's degree in the educational program "Metallurgical processes of production and processing of metals and alloys" (1.5 years);

- master's degree in the educational and scientific program "Research of processes and development of technologies in metallurgy" (2 years);

-PhD under the educational and scientific program "136 Metallurgy"


Dnipro, 4 Gagarina Ave., Faculty of Metallurgical Processes and Chemical Technologies, Department of "Theoretical Foundations of Metallurgical Processes", central building, room 436, 436a


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