Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

educational and professional program "Educational and scientific program «Processes research and technology development in metallurgy»",
speciality: 136 - Metallurgy



Objects of study: development and development of new technological processes for the production and processing of metals and alloys; provision and improvement of information, metrological, diagnostic and management systems to improve the quality of metallurgical products; methods and means of testing and quality control of products; scientific and pedagogical activity in the metallurgical industry.

Learning objectives: obtaining in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, skills that allow you to create and improve technological processes for the production and processing of metals and alloys in the field of "Metallurgy".

The theoretical content of the subject area: the theory of the processes of metallurgical production and processing of metals and alloys. Methods, techniques and technologies: experimental methods for studying materials and processes, modeling methods, special scientific methods are aimed at analyzing, developing and optimizing technologies for obtaining and processing metals and alloys, developing and improving technological processes, mastering new technologies, methods and means of testing and control product quality.

Tools and equipment: experimental and measuring instruments, imitation technological equipment used in modern production and processing of metals and alloys, specialized software.

General program: "Research of processes and technology development in metallurgy".

Special (Certified Unit):

- "Research and development of processes for the manufacture of castings"

- "Physical and chemical research of metallurgical processes."

With the possibility of forming other certified blocks within the educational program.


Special education and vocational training in the field of metallurgy with the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for a professional research career.

Educational and scientific program; focuses on modern scientific and scientific-practical research in the production and processing of metals and alloys; development of innovative technologies that provide resource and energy conservation and guarantee environmental protection.

The educational and scientific program includes disciplines of the educational and professional program and additional disciplines that develop research competencies and knowledge of special sections of fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines and thereby provide the possibility of mastering complex programs for scientific researchers, with the possibility of obtaining a NMetAU certificate for studying the normative disciplines of the certified block and professional disciplines of the student's free choice.

After graduation, students can occupy primary engineering and managerial positions (grassroots management personnel without seniority requirements) provided for by the National Classifier of Occupations (DK 003: 2010) (3117 - technical specialists in the mining industry and metallurgy, “2147.1 - junior researcher (mining, metallurgy)", "2147.2 - engineer (metallurgy)", "2147.2 - process engineers (metallurgy), "2149.1 - junior researcher (engineering industry)", "2149.2 - research engineer", "2149.2 - production preparation engineer", "2149.2 - maintenance engineer", "2149.2 - repair engineer", "2149.2 - calculation and mode engineer", "2149.2 - quality engineer", "2149.2 - new technology implementation engineer and technologies", "2149.2 - design engineer", "2149.2 - controller engineer", "2149.2 - laboratory engineer", "2149.2 - process engineer") and the nomenclature of positions of industrial enterprises, design and research organizations, profile or individual areas of activity that correspond to the received professional master's specialty.

Work in the specialty at metallurgical enterprises, research institutes, higher educational institutions, including engineering, scientific and teaching work.

The opportunity to continue studies at the third educational and scientific level of higher education, as well as improve their qualifications and receive additional postgraduate education.