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On March 16, 2023, an online meeting was held with graduates of Communal Educational Institutions of Dnipropetrovsk educational and rehabilitation centers No. 10, No. 12 of Dnipropetrovsk Region and employees of the Department of Economic Informatics. The head of the department spoke in detail about specialties 126 - information systems and technologies and 051 - economics and offered graduates with hearing and visual impairments to enroll in specialty 126 of the educational program "Computer technologies in business" where there is an opportunity to study for students with special educational needs.




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Another victory.





Student gr. KN-901-20 Levanovich Maria

won a bronze medal in taekwondo Deaflympics Summer Games.

Congratulations and we wish you new victories.



Congratulations to the student of the group KN01-18s

 Pantyushina Mikola,

who won a silver medal in kumite and a gold medal in the team

competition in kumite at the Summer Deaflympics (Brazil).

We are proud of you and wish you new victories!


On February 19, the Open Doors Day of the University was held, which was attended by students of the Special School No. 12

They met with the head of the university, heads of departments, had the opportunity to get answers to questions on the specialties they were interested in. The result of this meeting was the agreement on cooperation signed by the director of the school, Vera Kupras, and the first vice-rector, Anatoly Radkevich. The purpose of this agreement is the exchange of experience and the desire to train highly qualified specialists.