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We will cherish and cherish our Ukrainian language.


Language is a great heritage of humanity. It is not only the most powerful means of communication, a tool of thinking, but also the history of a people, a necessary condition for its existence. Language is directed both to the inner world of man, his psyche, and to the outer world of nature and human relationships. It is the basis for personal growth. Everyone who strives to achieve success, create himself, must certainly have a culture of speech, that is, learn to observe the established norms of oral and written forms of the literary language, use all its expressive means, depending on the style, genre, type.


Mova for the skin people is unique і - its own;

in niy make up thunder in indignation, in silence - trill nightingales.

On its own natural move and the flow of the hubbub;

green-maples have a maple-like noise.

Solov'ina, barvinkov, spikelet - on viki -

ukrainian rіdnu mov as a gift to me were given batki.

Take care of it, I will peck everywhere and everywhere,

well dina - so, yak mother, mova in the skin from us!

Oksana Zabuzhko


We bring to your attention books on the culture of the Ukrainian language,

which are presented at the exhibition "We will cherish, cherish our Ukrainian language" (new building of the library, 2nd floor, RRSL).


 "We will cherish and cherish our Ukrainian language"



1. Tkachenko O.B. Ukrainian language and linguistic life of the world. - K .: Flash, 2004. –272 s.

The work is devoted to the development and current state of the Ukrainian language in all the difficulties of its formation, which receive comprehensive coverage (geographical, historical, sociolinguistic, cultural, etc.) in comparison with the corresponding situations of other languages ​​of the world. The book, written in a popular form, is intended for all fans of the Ukrainian language, first of all for representatives of social sciences.

2. Matko L.I., Kravets L.V. The culture of the Ukrainian professional language: a textbook. - К .: EC "Academy", 2007. - 360 p.

The textbook was created in accordance with modern concepts of teaching the Ukrainian language in a professional direction and is focused on the formation of students' linguistic and communicative competencies. It considers general information on the course of the culture of the modern Ukrainian language, stylistic differentiation of the modern Ukrainian language, the specifics of the professional, scientific and business language, text norms of scientific and official business styles, the rules for the formation of scientific work and business papers. Particular attention is paid to the culture of public speaking, dialogue, ethics of speech and professional communication. The assimilation of the problem, the approximation of knowledge to practical needs will be facilitated by the proposed tasks and exercises, applications, a short terminological dictionary. Designed for university students. Serves those who seek to effectively use the language resource in all business situations.  




3. Coronation of the word: scientific reference publication / project leader N.А. Struct. - M .: World of Success, 2019. - 496 p.

 The scientific reference edition "Coronation of the Word" on the 20th anniversary of the international literary competition of novels, screenplays, plays, song lyrics and works for children for the first time presents to readers systematized information about its results as a result of the selfless work of founders and patrons of art - public figures Yuri and Tatiana Logushev and teams. Introduces tendencies in the literary process through the prism of the worldview convictions of modern writers. Submits biographical information about the laureates of I-III prizes, a list of their works, quotes from interviews, and a list of competition winners. The publication is intended for literary scholars, critics, teachers and teachers of Ukrainian literature, students, pupils, everyone who is interested in Ukrainian literature during the period of independence of Ukraine.

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