Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

educational and professional program ""Composite and powder materials, coatings"",
speciality: 132 - Material Science



   Educational and professional program: "Composite and Powder Materials, Coatings" is focused on training specialists for organizational and management and engineering activities in the field of materials science with an emphasis on composite and powder materials, coatings.

   This educational program focuses on current research in the field of materials science, development, application, production and testing of modern metal, non-metal and composite materials and products based on them.

   Upon completion of their studies, students may occupy primary positions of engineers and supervisors (grassroots management personnel with no internship requirements), as provided by the National Classifier of Occupations and Nomenclature of Posts of Industrial Enterprises, Design and Research Organizations, whose profile or particular areas of activity are relevant to the acquired professional specialization.

   Work at state and private enterprises, namely in research, design institutions, metallurgical and machine-building enterprises.

   There is also the opportunity to continue studying at the third level of higher education, as well as to improve skills and receive additional postgraduate education.


Educational and professional program of the second (master's) level of higher education in preparation of masters in the field of knowledge 13 "Mechanical Engineering", specialty 132 "Materials science" educational and professional program "Composite and powder materials, coatings" includes the following list of disciplines:


General training cycle:

  1. Foreign language of professional orientation
  2. The national economy
  3. Occupational health and civil protection
  4. Fundamentals of Intellectual Property


Training cycle:

  1. Sustainable development in industry
  2. Methods of applied statistical analysis
  3. Modern information and communication technologies
  4. The theory and technology of perspective composite materials
  5. Perspective processes of powder coating deposition
  6. Modern problems of theory and technology of powder metallurgy
  7. Process optimization in powder metallurgy


The discipline of free choice:

  1. Obtaining nanopowders and materials based on them
  2. Business game and student research work
  3. Computerization of scientific research
  4. Polymer composite materials
  5. Sintered materials based on non-ferrous metals and alloys
  6. Solid and super solid materials
  7. Disperse-hardening materials
  8. Modern porous materials
  9. Bioceramics