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VI International Conference "Innovative Technologies in Science and Education. European experience" (Faro, Portugal)

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the VI International Conference "Innovative technologies in science and education. European experience", which will take place on January 16-18, 2024. The conference is in the List of scientific conferences on issues of higher education and science for 2023 (section I /International conferences/, item 516). As in previous years, the organizing committee provides the opportunity for participants to pass the B2 level exam (English only). It is also planned to prepare and publish a collection of materials with the assignment of an international ISBN index. More detailed information and application forms for participation...

For Oleksandr Yanishevskyi memory News icon


On November 12, 2023, at the age of 73, Oleksandr YANISHEVSKY passed away - a well-known specialist in the field of standardization, certification and quality, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology, candidate of technical sciences, professor of the State Institute of Training and Retraining of Industry Personnel (2003-2011). Read more...

Life, you can’t turn it around News icon

On October 31, 2023, a student of our faculty (group МЕ904-20Н), an employee of JSC NZF, a sergeant of the 17th separate Kryvorizka tank brigade, Drozd Vasyl Volodymyrovych, died in the Donetsk direction (Klishchiivka village) while performing a combat mission.

Since 2015, Vasyl participated in the anti-terrorist operation, from the first day of the full-scale invasion - in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Vasyl was a good, kind, sensitive, very responsible guy. Vasyl loved his family very much, was a good friend, a loving son, a reliable brother and a beloved husband to his wife. He had a keen sense of justice and promised to take revenge for all his fallen brothers... This is how the fallen hero is remembered by his relatives and friends. Vasyl Drozd is survived by his mother Nina, brother Oleksandr, wife Lyudmila and little son Vladyslav.

The management and teaching staff of the Nikopol Faculty of State University of State of Ukraine express their sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the defender of Ukraine, who gave the most valuable for our peaceful future.

In memory of Oleksandr FELDMAN News icon

The Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies, the Nikopol Faculty and the Nikopol Professional College of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology announce with deep sadness that on October 22, at the age of 75, Oleksandr Isaakovich FELDMAN - a well-known Ukrainian metallurgist, Honored Worker of the Industry of Ukraine, General Director of LLC "NVO" died Trubostal" (Nikopol). An authoritative industrialist, manager, organizer and sponsor of scientific research in the field of metallurgy and pipe production, an outstanding social and public figure - this is how Oleksandr Isaakovich was remembered by everyone who knew him during his lifetime. Read more...

Online meeting with faculty entrants for Nikopol faculty's study

On August 30, 2023, a solemn online (ZOOM) meeting of the entrants of the faculty of 2023 with the teaching staff was held, at which, in addition to getting to know the management and teachers, the students were provided with information about the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process under martial law, about the forms and content of the educational process, online learning methods used, etc.

Administration of NF

Features of the educational process in the 2023/24 school year. year

In accordance with the order of USUNT dated 28.07.2023 No. 140a-g, the academic year 2023/24 for students of all educational levels, forms of education and courses begins on September 1, 2023. Educational classes and consultations, taking into account the effect of martial law, are held in a mixed format. For students of the Nikopol Faculty - only online. Immediately after the appearance of the "Air alarm" signal, the training session (or consultation) must be stopped, including with remote form of classes. The teacher conducting online classes, after the appearance of the "Air alarm" signal, should invite students to go to the nearest shelter and stop the video conference.
We also suggest that you read in more detail the recommendations for participants in the educational process on actions in case of emergency situations, which are posted on the website of the Educational Ombudsman of Ukraine.

Administration of NF

Unification (reorganization) of Dnipro universities

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of July 11, 2023 No. 620-r "On the reorganization of the state higher educational institution "Ukrainian State University of Chemistry and Technology" and the Dnipro State Academy of Construction and Architecture" based on the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine higher educational institutions "Ukrainian State Chemist" - technological university" (code according to EDRPOU 02070758) and the Dnipro State Academy of Construction and Architecture (code according to EDRPOU 02070772) were reorganized by joining them to the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology (code according to EDRPOU 44165850).

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