Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Mission and strategy

The mission of the Faculty is to train competitive specialists with a high level of professional competence and intellectual activity through the integration of training and production, deepening cooperation with partner enterprises, comprehensive consideration of their requirements for the quality of education, bringing the place of provision of educational services closer to their consumers. As a result, socially responsible participation in the complex solution of the problems of the socio-economic development of the region, the solution of the problems of providing high-tech industries with qualified personnel, the preservation and development of human resources and the economic potential of the region as a whole.

The faculty implements the declared mission based on the following principles of educational activities:

- the continuity of learning, research and production processes;
- integration into the European educational space;
- correspondence of higher education to the needs of the individual, society, state;
- equal opportunities for young people to receive quality education;
- Continuity of education, providing opportunities for continuous deepening of general education and vocational training and retraining;
- the comprehensive development of the diversity and variability of education, which implies the creation of opportunities for a wide choice of forms and content of education;
- humanism, democracy, patriotism, priority of universal human spiritual values;
- integration of education and science through the active use of scientific research and innovative methods in the educational process.