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We're 10 years old!

The anniversary of information technology and systems (2001 2011r.r.)

This year the Department of Information Technology and Systems (ITS) NMetAU was 10 years.ITS Department was established by order of the rector number 20-A of 16 February 2001.According to the order at the new department planned to conduct training in computer science specialty "Information Control Systems and Technologies."Its head of the department was appointed prof.OI Myhalov.

Ten years - it is small, and long term.Comparing the age of the department under the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, which is over 100 years, the ITS department - quite young, we can say middle school age.But if you look at the events that took place during this time, the achievement of department staff, it is - not minor period of our life together with their victories and failures.In the anniversary, as a rule, I want to look back and understand what has been done in past years.It does not happen without a past and future.So we want to share its achievements and successes in educating specialists in computer science and in scientific work.

In the first year the department had 12 people.All employees undertook with great enthusiasm for the work - had to be solved from scratch a lot of organizational work: to prepare a new discipline, to develop educational and methodical base, equipped with computer labs with special software, to provide practical training of students in the specialty.Despite the difficulties of the process of becoming The teachers continued to conduct research, participate in the organization of a unified computer network connecting the departments of the Academy and the Internet.

Subsequently, after three years the department of ITS in 2004 rector of the Academy Velichko AG signed an order to perform work on opening new specialty "Information Technologies".The staff of the department has developed a new "concept of training" and coordinated management of science and education Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, developed and approved by the EQC, OPP, curriculum specialists and masters prepared the case for the licensing of specialty.This work will succeed, and in 2005 the Academy was held the first set on a specialty "Information Technologies".Over the years the department had issued over 400 specialists who successfully work in different fields of science and technology.The work was much needed to increase staffing of the department.Head of the department OI Myhalovym decided on the training of the best students - graduates of the department.Yes, to the department included former graduates of the Department: Assoc.Novikova K. Yu, Assistant DA Demchenko, Vodolazsky YO, Kavatsiv OO, Stovpchenko IV, Kalyberda Y. O

Department staff actively participates in the academic life of the academy.In NMetAU a specialized council for doctoral and master's theses in 1.5.02, chaired by prof.Myhalova OI, scientific secretary of the council - associate professor Derevianko ITS OI. Which was approved in June 2005, HAC of Ukraine.The Department of ITS has been successful regional scientific seminar Pridneprovskogo Scientific Center of Ukraine "Modern problems of management and modeling of complex systems."All works that are planned to protect at Specialized Academic Council D 08.084.01, must undergo testing at the meetings of the scientific workshop.

Research School of Mathematical Modeling "System Technologies for Industry", which was created and headed by Prof. Dr.Myhalov AI, based on the staff of the Department of ITS.Results of graduate students and applicants demonstrate the success of the Department of Scientific School.During the period of the ITS department defended their dissertations teachers - graduate and former assistant, now assistant professors - Bald NV, Pomulyev V., A. Hood, Michael T., Novikov K.YU,Dmitriev ISIn 2009, defended doctoral thesis professor.Department Hnatushenkom VVIt should be noted that the results of scientific work of teachers and students of the department of ITS is constantly being introduced into the educational process.Experts from the Department implemented several fundamental research projects, student's annual operating scientific conference "Young Academy."

The department of ITS has five doctors, who are able to guide qualified applicants and undergraduates degrees: prof.Myhalov OI, prof.Korsun VI, prof.Kohut PI, prof.Steblianko PO, prof.Hnatushenko VVThe department has sufficient experience in implementing new technologies.Prof.Myhalov OIis the head of the section "Information resources training" teaching academy board, and art.teachers of the department Bald ITS DAand Bezub VM- Members of the same council.During the reporting period the section is proposed and carried out by NMR approval of a new "Concept of Informatization Academy."

Department staff are actively involved in the life NMetAU: Head of ITS, prof.Myhalov OI- Supervisor of the Center for Information Technology NMetAU Assoc.Hood A.- Administrator of the Internet NMetAU, Art.Off.Bald DA- Site admin NMetAU, Art.Off.Bezub VM- Computer LAN administrator, coordinator of development and implementation of distance learning, Assoc.Pomulyev VV- Coordinator on issues of copyright and database, stork.Bykovets VV- Administrator on issues of localization and the legalization of software.They have obligations to the organization and maintenance of the Internet NMetAU was designed template information for all departments of the academy.In the next period planned for the fourth modification of the structure and contents of the site of the academy.

Thus, in 10 years that have passed, carried out extensive work in the department.Pleasing that during this relatively short time perid 8 employees of the department defended their candidate and one doctoral dissertation, 7 teachers of the department awarded the academic rank of associate professor.But even more desirable to do so.In this regard, would like to wish "a" in the moment of the chief - scientific manners, good students, as well as all necessary to be able to grow a new generation of real experts in the field of information technology.

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