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Department of information technology and systems

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Department manager: Gnatushenko Viktorija Vladimirovna


Address National metallurgical academy of Ukraine,Dnipro, Gagarina avenue, 4


Phone: (+38056)713-52- 56

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Department of information technology and systems (ITS) was created in National metallurgical academy of Ukraine at 16.02.2001 by order 20a. The founder and first head of the department was Alexander Ilyich Mikhalev.

Official pages of the ITS department in social networks:

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ITS Department graduates in the direction of «12 — Information Technologies» on specialties «121 — Software engineering in industry and business» and «122 — Computer Sciences».




Bachelor in Computer Sciences — 4 years of training term.

Master in Computer Sciences — 1.5 years of training term.

PhD  4 years of training term.


EP for master:

  • Information Control Systems and Technologies;
  • Information Technologies Design;
  • Programming of Embedded and Mobile devices;
  • Programming of Web-Systems.

Information Control Systems and Technologies (ICS&Т)


  • the development and professional use of computer software and computerized systems of wide class and different purposes;
  • software development of APCS and ACS of PP, intellectual decision support systems, aggregated real-time systems and queuing systems;
  • computer processing of audio and video information, time series in industry
  • and the economy, in the field of
  • nondestructive testing with application of artificial neural (neuro-fuzzy) and immune systems in metallurgy, engineering, chemical and aerospace industries, in the economy and management;
  • network software for the development and implementation of Internet/Intranet applications, electronic document management and web technologies.

Information Technologies Design (ITD)


  • the development of modern information systems for enterprises (integration of CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, MRP and other systems);
  • electronic document management system (implementation of paperless technology of design, suitable with international standards);
  • development of new and adaptation of existing systems, computer graphics, design automation for specific applications (development of software libraries, service applications and custom modules using languages C++, C#, Visual Lisp, etc., programming environments Linux, MS Windows, etc.);
  • computer design of two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional conduction modelling volumetric structures using 2D and 3D systems of automated design (AutoCAD, Solid Works, COMPASS, Unigraphics, etc.);
  • automation of technological preparation of production, in particular, in the development of control programs (real-time programs) for equipment of various classes and purposes, in particular for machine tools with numerical programing control (NPC); 
  • engineering analysis and mathematical modelling of technological processes; software reverse engineering and monitoring of the systems functioning, production facilities, units and machines;
  • software development of integrated logistics support, interactive technical manuals, electronic operational documentation, etc.

Programming of Embedded and Mobile Devices (PEMD)


  • in the synthesis of modern microcontroller architectures, embedded and mobile devices (EMD), their history and role in the development of scientific and technical progress;
  • programming microcontroller EMD;
  • to develop on the basic protocols and typical schemes of connection of the EMD various microcontroller peripheral devices;
  • in the analysis of examples of hardware and software implementations of IT automation technologies: control of the various actuators, processing information from sensors, etc.;
  • in self-organizing processes of interaction of the EMD with a variety of digital measuring devices and microcontroller control systems;
  • in the use of modern software for developing and debugging microcontroller systems EMD.

Programming of Web-Systems (PWebS)


  • design, configuration and professional use of client-server systems;
  • programming of web systems with different orientation and complexity;
  • creation of optimal systems IT project control;
  • administration and monitoring of computer networks and web systems databases;
  • processing of graphical information and the synthesis of virtual and augmented reality;
  • design of organizational and technological informational control systems of web systems.